Kittens Worth Waiting For

Singapuras are rare cats…

Singapura catAsiatica Cattery will donate 3% of each sale, yours included, to a reputable animal shelter and/or rescue organization of your choice such as the American Humane Society, PETA, ASPCA.or other similar group.

Asiatica Cattery produces some of the finest Singapura kittens available, but demand is high and the process takes time. Consequently, the wait for a hand raised kitten from Asiatica Cattery has consistently averaged six months to a year or more over the last several years…

It’s worth remembering that Asiatica Cattery does not manufacture kittens: they need to be born and raised before getting to you, your arms, your family. I realize this is hard to swallow for many potential Asiatica Cattery customers whose first question is often “how soon can we get our kitten?”

My Singapura kitten customers invariably tell me “the wait was worth it!”
Your Singapura kitten is worth waiting for…

My females must first come into heat or estrus, where they are receptive and attractive to my stud male Gobi. This “cycling” can be fairly regular, or not, depending upon the individual female and other environmental factors. Once successfully bred (itself not a foolproof process), the gestation period to birth is 65 days, nine weeks, more than two months. The full cycle between litters takes all of six months. There is no rushing this process.

Once born, momma does virtually all the work for the first 4 ½ weeks or so, when, slowly over time babies are introduced to solid foods, eventually weaned and socialized. Kittens are petted, loved, engaged in play, kissed, hugged and talked to for a full 7 ½ more weeks until finally, at twelve weeks of age the little one(s) are ready for you and your family.

After babies have departed for their new homes, mother gets a well deserved break lasting a month or two. Bottom line? Two litters per year per female can be optimistic. This is nature’s cycle…much of it is out of my hands. The same is true for gender mix and litter size. These are things I have no control over.

Singapuras are remarkable, unique cats. Are you willing to wait for a hand raised, well socialized kitten from Asiatica Cattery?

If so, I would love to provide you with your Singapura baby.

It will be worth the wait.