Things to know about your Singapura kitten

Singapura cat Rubbing noses is the preferred way of saying “I love you”.

Singapura catHe’ll walk up to you and kiss your feet as you ready for bed.
She’ll greet you just as you awake in the morning and kiss your hand.
He’ll greet you at the door as you walk in after work.
She’ll sit at the foot of your bed waiting for permission to snuggle up to you under the covers.
Rubbing noses is the preferred way of saying “I love you”.
She’ll purr every time you touch her.
He’ll seek you out to fit perfectly into your arms.

classic singapura catTake all of the “positive” doglike qualities you can think of — warmth, friendliness, obedience. Then remove all the perceived “negative” feline qualities, like aloofness, coolness, detachment. Then add in qualities like politeness (yes, Singapura cats are polite!), consideration, thoughtfulness, and devotion. All distinctly un-catlike qualities. Add softness and gentleness to this list. Finally, add in a distinctive and endearing but hard to describe or define “touch of the wild” and you’ve got a thumbnail sketch of a Singapura. A unique animal, unlike no other breed of cat.