The Singapura Personality

Cats have a reputation for being aloof, detached, right?

Singapura catYour Singapura wants to be engaged with you. But it’s much more than that.

curious Singapura kittenGrowing up, our cats minded there own business. If they engaged at all, it was for a quick pet on the way to a sunny windowsill, to be let out, or to remind you it was time for a meal. You were just sort of “there” …staff.

Not Singapuras. They are the opposite of aloof and detached.

Singapuras will watch what you’re doing. They care. They want to be engaged with you, but it’s much more than that. Their timing is perfect. They interact with you when it’s right, when you want to interact with them. It’s uncanny. It’s you they care about more than anything else. Fulfillment is being with you, engaged, being fully part of the family. I often get the feeling they’d love to help out if they could.

singapura catThis interaction however is always with a light touch. Singapuras, while always seeking to be engaged with you, are never forbearing, heavy handed or a bother. The feeling I get from them is “thank you for letting me live in your world. I really appreciate it; thank you very much!!” They look up to their owners. You are their hero.

Other adjectives come to mind: Singapuras are devoted, polite, affectionate, low key and even-tempered, extremely smart, sensitive and have a sunny, happy disposition. They are soft, warm, loving, tolerant and gentle. They can’t get enough of your touch, your voice. They are also imminently huggable and kissable. They are lithe, athletic, and quick on their feet. They seek a heart-to-heart bond with you that is truly deep and soulful.

In short, Singapuras are a breed apart.